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Does chemo affect your brain? Chemo brain can also be called chemo fog, cancer-related cognitive impairment or cognitive dysfunction. Though chemo brain is a widely used term, the causes of concentration and memory problems aren't well-understood. It's likely that there are multiple causes.
What do patients with multiple myeloma die from? Myeloma patients seldom die from myeloma, they die from the complications from myeloma. The number one complication is pneumonia, and others include infections, kidney failure, anemia, etc.
What does chemo do to healthy cells? How does chemotherapy work? It targets cells that grow and divide quickly, as cancer cells do. Unlike radiation or surgery, which target specific areas, chemo can work throughout your body. But it can also affect some fast-growing healthy cells, like those of the skin, hair, intestines, and bone marrow.
Can cytotoxic drugs cause cancer? Cytotoxic drugs inhibit cell division and in this way cause cancer cells to die. Cytotoxic drugs are transported in the bloodstream throughout the body. Cytotoxic drugs can be used to destroy tumours, boost the outcomes of surgery or radiotherapy, reduce metastases and alleviate cancer symptoms.
Can chemo be transmitted through body fluids? Answer: Carolyn Vachani RN, MSN, AOCN, OncoLink's Nurse Educator, responds: In most cases, chemotherapy is excreted in the body fluids for up to 48 hours after treatment, although some agents can be found in excrement for up to 7 days. This includes urine, stool, vomit, semen, and vaginal fluid.
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